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(((Online))) Conference On

Pioneering Disruptive Reforms
in Healthcare Ecosystem
and Atmanirbhar Bharat

21st ,22nd ,23rd & 24th January 2021


Thought Behind

Research in the area of medicine needs disruptive reforms and the ecosystem needs to be robust for the healthcare facility to be affordable and accessible to the citizens.

It becomes inevitable for various stake holders and policy makers to come on a common platform to overhaul the medical ecosystem for the betterment of human well being and make the country truly ‘Atmanirbhar’. 


To be a catalyst for fostering sustainable healthcare research and a value based medical education leading to wellbeing and world peace.



  • To create an effective forum which will bring together the stakeholders and policy makers to discuss the measures to overhaul the healthcare ecosystem by:

  • Enriching Research and medical education.

  • Reforms in Regulations & administration

  • Improving the capability and augmenting the healthcare facilities.

About Us


Covid 19 & Beyond

The COVID- 19 pandemic has dramatically altered collective perspectives and lifestyles. The challenges faced by the healthcare  ecosystem and administrators in face of this pandemic are unprecedented. It would be an insightful discussion to hear and exchange views of experts on what went right and what could have been done better! In addition, the discussion will also explore and analyze the global response towards the pandemic.

Reforms in Medical Education

This is the most appropriate time to introspect if we as a country are prepared to handle pandemics of similar magnitude in future. It is also the perfect time to strive to find answers to questions such as - Have we got our basics right?Is this the time to reform edica  education and make the system future-ready? This discussion drives home insights into how the significant stakeholders of the healthcare industry and policy-makers aim to tackle the challenge of introducing reforms in medical education in the country. The role of public and private sectors to provide better and better and effective health servives also need to be discussed.

Research & Innovation

Encouraging research and innovation in the medical sector will in turn lead to betterment in treatments, outcomes and transformation of healthcare. Research & innovation are instrumental in facilitating advances and developing a robust healthcare system with sophisticated treatment technologies and techniques. Healing is a comprehensive process which includes relieving symptoms, treating the root cause and improving quality of life. Allopathy, Ayurveda and homoeopathy all can coexist for treatment of many diseases. Moreover, alternative systems of healing have shown progress in many areas but are put into use warily or with great scepticism (especially those who believe only in conventional medicine) because there is insufficient data or long term scientific research driven studies to correlate therapies with benefits

Towards Atmanirbhar Health system

A self- reliant medical infrastructure is a key element in a country’s healthcare system and economy. Scaling up the healthcare system with the help of newer technological advances in the medical field and reinvestment is the need of the hour for the government. The medical industry is now required to work in cooperation with policy-makers. The country is now in the direction to become Atmanirbhar or selfreliant and while there are many different challenges it is important to set some benchmarks for achieving these goals. The discussion will round a fruitful conclusion to this global medical summit.

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  • Covid 19 & Beyond
    Inaguration Session India’s response to Covid 19: SWOT Analysis Virus to Vaccine Pitfalls and Perils in Healthcare Sector in India
  • Reforms in Medical Education
    Pandemic and Disruptive Reforms in Medical Education Improving capability and reach of Paramedic Services How to Increase healthcare manpower & Role of Public and Private sectors for effective Health services – Need shorter name
  • Research & Innovation
    Fostering research in medicines, medical equipment's and treatment Medical Research: Learning from Global experience Research in alternative medicine and role of Aayush
  • Towards Atmanirbhar Health systemor remove the "FAQ title"?"
    Towards Atmanirbhar health system in India Regulatory reforms in health sector Valedictory session : Awards to Corona Warriors


“All the knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind, the infinite library of the universe is our own mind.”

- Swami Vivekananda


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