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Dr. Abhijit Roychowdhury

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Dr. Abhijit Roychowdhury

Associate Director, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited

  • Setting up of a department and overall management of a R&D vertical

  • Manage various projects by aligning scientific outcomes to meet company's business goals

  • Time-line management, periodic management updates, resource management

  • Experience in managing both NCE and API projects

  • Complex Generics for domestic market (India)

  • 14+ years of post Ph.D. experience in pharma/biotech industry (India/US)

  • Manage multiple medicinal chemistry/drug discovery programs to deliver clinical candidates. Hit

  • to lead to pre clinical candidate delivery in timely manner

  • Process development (NCE and API) for multi kg scaleup

  • Led projects in a CRO model and also as a co-development model with major pharmaceuticals in the US/EU

  • Extensive experience in drug discovery

  • Conception, initiation and delivery of new projects and draft new project proposals

  • Competitive intelligence analysis to evaluate suitable programs and technology evaluation for new product ideas

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