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Makarand Gore

Chief Technology Officer, YewSavin,Inc. Fort Collins

Unique Mastery in Management of novel technology programs for invention to commercialization. Proven technology visionary with 15 years of very broad and deep experience in strategic technology development, inventions to address major opportunities, project management, and commercialization at Hewlett-Packard. He
has deep and wide knowledge of principles of coatings chemistry, materials science gained trough inkjet, media and light image- able coatings products developments. Dr. Gore has proven record of identifying, developing and growing businesses in electronics, energy and coatings science. He has authored 146 US, and 153 international (total of 276) Published Patents/Applications, and has 59 issued US patents. He has delivered technologies in excess of
$1B at Hewlett-Packard, with significant licensing and partnership components. His inventive and leadership contributions to HP have resulted in 11 HP STAR awards, and the “Original, Rugged and Durable Innovation Ware” award in the HP New Business Creation group. Currently, at CTO at YewSavin, Inc. developing novel drugs discovery platforms and wound care treatments.

Mastery in all aspects of Technology Program Management: Invention to Commercialization of >$1B

 Development of antisense DNA/RNA analogs
 Inkjet Technologies for pigment based inks.
 Natural products therapy for HIV/HCV treatments
 Novel optical media coating technology for direct labeling LightScribe
 Textile printing Inks program
 Blue-ray optical disc coatings program
 Fuel cells and hydrogen generation

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