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Dr. Abhijit Roychowdhury

Associate Director, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited

Setting up of a department and overall management of a R&D vertical
Manage various projects by aligning scientific outcomes to meet company's business goals
Time-line management, periodic management updates, resource management
Experience in managing both NCE and API projects
Complex Generics for domestic market (India)
14+ years of post Ph.D. experience in pharma/biotech industry (India/US)
Manage multiple medicinal chemistry/drug discovery programs to deliver clinical candidates. Hit
to lead to pre clinical candidate delivery in timely manner
Process development (NCE and API) for multi kg scaleup
Led projects in a CRO model and also as a co-development model with major pharmaceuticals in the US/EU
Extensive experience in drug discovery
Conception, initiation and delivery of new projects and draft new project proposals
Competitive intelligence analysis to evaluate suitable programs and technology evaluation for new product ideas

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